I am fortunate to have the incredibly talented Kelly, Jim and Brad as friends and to have been able to learn and perform with them on numerous occasions over the past few years.
I have had the pleasure of teaching Harrison Flynn guitar, and music in general, for the last 3 or 4 years. When Harrison came to me he was already a very good blues guitar player, but he wanted to learn other styles and more theoretical knowledge. I've always been impressed with Harrison's dedication and love of music, and it is/was always on display in our lessons. Everything I've ever given him to work on was always taken seriously, and I've never been disappointed in the results of his practice.
He has the right frame of mind, the hunger to get better, and the focus it takes to immerse himself in a subject, and better himself. Not to mention his character, as I have experienced it. A very kind and humble young man.
-Kelly Back
I have been a professional musician for more than 45 years, including stints with John Lee Hooker, Cool Papa, Tower of Power, Lightnin' Hopkins, Neal Schon, and others. I have also fronted my own band for all of those years.
I give my strongest possible recommendation to Harrison Flynn. I have been aware of his work for the past six years, and he has sat in on many occasions during that time with various musical performances of mine. His progress as a guitarist has been nothing short of remarkable. His devotion to the instrument, and not the image of a guitar star, is obvious. He plays with his ears wide open, his humility intact, and his imagination and technique in full bloom.
-Jim Caroompas
I was introduced to Harrison by way of the San Francisco Examiner newspaper. Harrison had read an interview I did for the newspaper to support a show I was performing in San Francisco at Biscuits & Blues club. He contacted me and I offered to talk with him at the show. On a return engagement while still in high school, he joined the band on stage for a few songs and immediately showed promising skills as a musician. He had prepared by learning the songs and calmly performed both rhythm and solo guitar parts to the songs.
I stayed in contact with Harrison as he built a curriculum at both high school and college that prepared him to become a professional musician and teacher. During the past years when he has sat in with the band, he has grown as a musician and shown an exceptional talent for music.
As a mentor for Harrison, I have strongly stressed the importance of reading music and understanding all of the qualities of music theory. He took this advice to heart and has excelled in this area of musicianship to the point of qualifying to become an excellent music teacher and professional musician capable of a career in this field.
With the guidance of his strong family ties, Harrison has spent countless hours in practice and learning during a time when many young people his age can lose site of their goals. Harrison is very mature and given the opportunity to study with music professors will make the most of each class and finish at the top of the student body.
Harrison has an understanding of aspects of many musical styles and a desire to make this his life's work. He has proven over the last few years that he can master any music assignment given him by myself or his teachers at school. Harrison has played guitar with my band at several sold out San Francisco shows where under pressure he played his assigned music arrangements calmly and professionally.
-Brad Wilson